Install DotNetNuke on GoDaddy

To install a free application through Hosting Connection, please use the following instructions.

1. In the My Products section, click Hosting.
2. Click on the Manage Account link to the right of the applicable Shared Hosting online gaming account.
3. Select Content and then Go Daddy Hosting Connection.
4. In the category panels, click the type of application you want to install. (If you know the name of the program you want to install, you can use the Search box to find it.)
5. Select the program you want to install and click the Install Now link.
Please note: the Install Now LoL button appears only when the selected value application is compatible with one of more hosting plans in your account.
6. If the End User License Agreement appears, read it. Click I Agree.
7. Choose the domain you want to install the software to.
8. Follow the onscreen instructions to configure the software and install it in your account.

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