The nerd look

The Next Big Thing

Like it or not, we may see this this fall.

Predicting the next big fashion trend is a dificult task. It involves serious calculations and crazy algorithms taking into account all that the fashion world influences and is influenced by. That is why I only do it when I am certain of a future trend. This Winter and following spring (sometimes it takes longer to get out there), look for the nerd look blowing up.

Where do we come up with such a bold prediction? Well, we have to admit, it’s almost obvious to us at the State of Art fashion division because we are excellent predictors. We predicted accurately the small hill billy look in 2000, the bell bottom revival in the late nineties. People on our staff even predicted such significant fashion trends as the t-shirt, and blue jeans! We’re good.

Looking at the evidence, we see that pop culture is already looking kindly on the word nerd: Pharrell Williams group called N.E.R.D. is full of great musicians and no typical nerds. Also, some daring musicians are already initiating the trend, like Andre 3000 from the Outkast.

Like it or not we may just see Gisele wearing glasses with tape holding it together.

Andre 3000 in his video for “Hey Ya.”


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