Lawyer rides off into the jungle to promote charities

Dave Whalen decided to take a break from his lucrative law practice in San Diego, CA, and help out charities throughout Central America—places like Belize, Honduras, and Guatamala. On a Sizuki motorcycle, Whalen left in early March from Southern California and will be, “filming throughout Central America in various missions, orphanages and service projects, including a prison, an emergency helicopter assistance program for the poor and several orphanages.”

Along the way, he hopes to capture the essence of the type of great work that volunteers do in some of the most impoverished areas of the continent. He is constantly updating his blog, which chronicles his journey and will be posting HD videos and photos along the way.

The ultimate goal, Whalen says, is to generate interest in the charities that cannot market themselves. La Mancha Media company was launched to give a voice to the silent saints in Central America and, “helping poor orphanges, missions and other service projects by creating web shorts they can use to fundraise, and with the hopes of also creating a documentary.”

Have a look at the website:

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