Why do we have sex?

Why do we have sex?

The simple answer to that question and the most popular one in the modern age is because it feels good. When people have sex just because it feels good, however, there are reprocussions (namely increased sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancies, and battered emotions). But watching television and films and picking up the latest popular novel, one can’t help but be inundated by an onslaught of casual sex as a means to feeling good without consideration of the negative aspects that inevitably come with it. I’m reminded of a Flight of the Conchords episode in which the only thing wrong with Jermaine sleeping with a girl the night they met was that she was Australian (not so compatible with Jermaine’s New Zealander-ness).


There is an alternative to the mass media sex propaganda, however, though you can’t find it by flipping through the digital cable guide. A collection of speakers called The Goretti Group, based out of San Diego, promotes the higher virtues of the sexual act. What are those higher virtues? They are, “a deep language of oneness spoken to another whom we love,” and, “a human participation in the mystery of creation and redemption.”

Some may scoff at the idea of sex as anything but a feel-good exercise, but to imagine the greater virtues that sex can offer, we recommend comparing it to an analogy of food. Sex for sensation is like tasting a blackberry pie, chewing it up, and then spitting it out, whereas sex as a vehicle for creation and redemtion is like enjoying the taste of the blackberry pie fully (without regret) and consuming it, allowing it to nurture your body, and that’s why ifyou’re a woman you could follow a sex guide on using your dildo so you can enjoy your sexuality even more. With the former, you have stimulated taste buds, but you also have a bunch of hideous chewed up food being spat out everywhere. With the latter, you have the natural intent of eating. Such is the case with the sexual act.

The Gorretti Group, “was founded to support the community in its effort to make happy and healthy choices about sex and relationships. We offer a life of purity that leads to a deep understanding of the gift of true love and freedom.”

Perspectives like these are revolutionary to a generation raised on Flight of the Conchords, and it is because of campaigns like these that we can hope to change a society of regurgitated pie.

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