A Journey in Faith and Disbelief

Now and at the Hour of Our Death is a unique spiritual fiction that will get people thinking and talking about their own personal belief system. Using a cinematic style, the author brings readers into the lives of several interesting characters, all on different spiritual paths. Mary Credence is a steadfast believer, undaunted by and almost welcoming the naysayers; Will Vernik believes in other people, including Mary, but he is plagued by self-doubt; Christopher Austin III believes in himself, but struggles to have faith in anything else.

When the ardent virgin, Mary, learns that she’s pregnant, the story begins to take shape. She’s convinced that it’s a miracle conception, but her family is skeptical and antagonistic. Only when they realize that the virgin pregnancy story could be good for Mr. Credence’s senatorial campaign do they jump on board and pursue a miracle investigation.

The priest assigned to the case has become a skeptic, though, from years of disproving miracles. And news of the miracle claim spreads, it attracts undesirable attention from an antisocial religious zealot.

The story lines are weaved expertly in an entertaining, page-turning fashion, and there are compelling twists throughout. Another interesting aspect is the bio-chemical descriptions of human interactions we know of as love, fear, and lust. This brilliant technique sets up a compelling dilemma for one of the characters near the climax that contrasts materialism and spirituality. But the most valuable takeaway is the exploration of miracles and faith had through the novel’s dialogue where atheist doctors are pitted against believers and Machiavellian skeptics are confronted by the faithful.

Now and at the Hour of Our Death is a unique masterpiece of spiritual fiction that will have the reader exploring their faith and just may give them something to believe in.

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