Gaudí vision being realized

The most impressive thing that one thinks of when viewing what has become of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, is that it was envisioned over one hundred years ago. The structure has been built in stages since the foundation was laid in 1894 under the original architect’s guidance. Antoni Gaudi, who was tragically killed in 1926, saw just a fraction of the remarkable building being completed.

he still unfinished work of art is currently being worked on in the grand dome section. When this section is finished, the building will reach its mature section. The degisn is a based on a web of intricuit symolism and meaning, all of which will never be uncovered due, mainly to a fire which destroyed much of Gaudi’s planning for the temple.

There are many works throughtout Barcelona which have Gaudi’s fingerprint on them, yet, none quite share his passion for his religion and the art of architecture as does the Sagrada Familia.

With one visit, it is easy to agree that there is nothing which is being built now which comes close to the amount of energy and thought that has been contributed to this project. No projects on Earth are this awe inspiring and it is debatable that there ever has been.


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