Obama Gaffe-a-Day Calendar

“From Bailouts to Beer Summits” skewers the President using his own words

Two longtime friends spent hundreds of hours reading virtually every word that President Barack Obama ever has written, watching scores of his YouTube videos, and fighting over which Joe Biden gaffes transcend mere hilarity and rise to the realm of true legend. Now Mike Paranzino and Mike Dunnigan have just released the product of their research: a 2012 daily desktop calendar called “From Bailouts to Beer Summits: This Day in Obama History.”

The calendar chronicles hundreds of Obama milestones, from his promise to spread Joe the Plumber’s wealth around, to his gift to the Queen of England of an iPod pre-loaded with his own speeches . . . from his signature diplomatic achievement – the Beer Summit – to his dismissal of small-town Americans as bitter gun-toters and religion-clingers.

The authors expect their calendar to appeal especially to conservatives, Tea Party members, and independents. However, they’re not writing off liberals entirely. “If they have a sense of humor,” Paranzino says, “we think that even a few liberals will laugh nervously under their breath.” Dunnigan agrees, “The First Lady famously called America ‘downright mean.’ We don’t think that our calendar is mean, but it’s definitely for people who have a wicked sense of humor.”

The calendar is available exclusively through Amazon.com at this link: www.TheObamaCalendar.com. A Kindle version also is available.

Paranzino and Dunnigan formerly practiced law together in Arizona. Paranzino now lives in Maryland, and Dunnigan lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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