Ranqit allows users to rank their top ten… anything

ranqit-logo.pngWe at the State of Art love the top ten. It’s practically an art in itself—from top ten music albums to top ten films—these lists make up the crux of art commentary. Why? We humans work on a relativistic playing field and we need to compare things to other things to get a good feel for them. What is the use of saying that something is good or bad when we don’t know what the definitions of good or bad are? The top ten allows us to place those words in a frame, which then allows us to make sense of the contents of the frame.

That’s why we were so happy to hear that Ranqit!com was being launched. It’s a one of a kind website that allows its users to maintain their own unique top ten lists and combines everyone’s top tens for the ultimate consensus top ten. The idea is to get to the truth and Ranqit is a fun way to do that.

Have a whirl on the site and see if your top ten can stand the test of time!

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