Your Ear Bone Archive

She & Him, “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here”
Matt Costa, “Mr. Pitiful”
Cass McCombs, “That’s That”
Rogue Wave, “Lake Michigan”

Goldfrapp, “Clowns”
Bloc Party, “Flux”
Band of Horses, “Is There A Ghost”
Devendra Banhart, “Lover”

The White Stripes, “Icky Thump”
Yacht, “See A Penny (Pick It Up)”
The Klaxons, “Golden Skans”
Hot Hot Heat, “Out Of Time”

11/5/07 The Blow, “Hock It”
11/5/07 Radiohead, “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”
11/5/07 Feist, “I Feel It All”
11/5/07 Idaho, “You Flew”

09/21/07 Coconut Records “West Coast”
09/21/07 Coconut Records “Ask Her To Dance ”
09/21/07 New Pornographers “Myriad Harbor”
09/21/07 Paolo Nutini “Last Request”

04/17/07 Andrew Bird “Heretics”
04/17/07 Adem, “Launch Yourself”
04/17/07 The Little Ones, “Cha Cha Cha”
04/17/07 Elvis Perkins, “While You Were Sleeping”

Rest 06 Cut Chemist, “The Altitude”
Rest 06 Hot Chip, “The Warning”
Rest 06 M. Ward, “Chinese Translation”
Rest 06 Phoenix, “Rally”

08/15/06 Psapp, “Hi”
08/15/06 Phoenix, “Consolation Prizes”
08/15/06 Zero 7, “Throw It All Away”
08/15/06 James Hunter, “Don’t Come Back”

06/18/06 José Gonzáles, “Hand On Your Heart”
06/18/06 Boy Least Likely To, “Be Gentle With Me”
06/18/06 Juana Molina, “La Verdad”
06/18/06 Whacktus, “Something In Your Heart”

05/18/06 Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos, “Vampires In Blue Dresses
05/18/06 Gnarls Barkley, “Smiley Faces”
05/18/06 Band of Horses, “The Great Salt Lake”
05/18/06 Bettie Serveert, “You’ve Changed”

02/22/06 Guillemots, “Made Up Love Song #43”
02/22/06 Aqualung, “Left Behind”
02/22/06 OK Go, “Oh Lately It’s So Quiet”
02/22/06 Matt Mays + El Torpedo, “On the Hood of an Old Car”

12/20/05 General Electriks feat. Maroons, “Facing That Void”
12/20/05 Maximo Park, “The Coast is Always Changing”
12/20/05 Spinto Band, “Oh Mandy”
12/20/05 Page France, “Spine”

10/26/05 Matt Pond P.A., “Halloween”
10/26/05 Flunk, “On My Balcony”
10/26/05 New Buffalo, “Come Back”
10/26/05 Whacktus, “Orangegrey”

3/15/05 M.I.A., “Bingo”
3/15/05 Beck, “Hell Yes”
3/15/05 Bloc Party, “Blue Light”
3/15/05 Gorillaz, “Dirty Harry”

2/22/05 Feist, “Inside and Out ”
2/22/05 Mando Diao, “God Knows”
2/22/05 Andrew Bird, “A Nervous Tic Motion Of the Head to the Left”
2/22/05 Songs: Ohia, “Just Be Simple”

1/28/05 Kings of Leon, “The Bucket”
1/28/05 Bloc Party, “Tulips”
1/28/05 Camera Obscura, “Suspended From Class”
1/28/05 Cribs, “You Were Always the One”

8/01/04 A.C. Newman, “Miracle Drug”
8/01/04 Ambulance LTD., “Anecdote”
8/01/04 Lemon Jelly, “Soft”
8/01/04 Dave Matthews, “Oh”

4/05/04 Snow Patrol, “Spitting Games”
4/05/04 Modest Mouse, “Float On”
4/05/04 The Elected, “British Columbia”
4/05/04 Franz Ferdinand, “Come On Home”

2/04/04 Franz Ferdinand, “Darts of Pleasure”
2/04/04 Air, “Cherry Blossom Girl”
2/04/04 The Stills, “Lola Stars and Stripes”
2/04/04 Sun Kill Moon, “Carry Me Ohio”

12/01/03 Ryan Adams, “This Is It”
12/01/03 Teitur, “Sleep With the Lights On ”
12/01/03 Enon, “Starcastic”
12/01/03 Johnny Cash, “Hung My Head”

10/15/03 Stars, “Elevator Love Letters”
10/15/03 The Postal Service, “We Will Become Silhouettes”
10/15/03 Mandalay and Portishead, “Insensible”
10/15/03 Quasi, “Drunken Tears”

9/01/03 Guided By Voices, “My Kind of Soldier”
9/01/03 Pharrell feat. Jay-Z, “Frontin'”
9/01/03 The Chemical Brothers and Flaming Lips, “Golden Path ”
9/01/03 Underworld, “Trim”

7/01/03 The Long Winters, “Cinnamon”
7/01/03 The Postal Service, “District Sleeps Tonight”
7/01/03 The Dandy Warhols, “You Were the Last High”
7/01/03 The New Pornographers, “All for Swinging You Around”

4/22/03 Sondre Lerche, “Sleep On Needles”
4/22/03 Blur, “Sweet Song”
4/22/03 Broken Social Scene, “Stars and Sons”
4/22/03 Starlight Mints, “Submarine #3”

4/11/03 The Roots with Cody Chestnut, “The Seed”
4/11/03 Athlete, “You’ve Got the Style”
4/11/03 The Walkmen, “We’ve Been Had”
4/11/03 Arab Strap, “Here We Go”

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